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The Tour De France Takes an Incredible Amount of Skill

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    Every time I watch this event I am blown away by how the cyclist are able to keep composer. They travel at such speeds and close quarters to everyone else that it seems there would be much more crashes than there already is. Not to mention, when you add in the unpredictable weather. Yes, they have meteorologist that study the patterns before and during, but everyone knows that isn't always correct. After all, it does take place over a long period of time. So we have the weather, close quarters, high speeds, tiny tires, crazy up and down terrain, and the required stamina level of a rodeo bull.

    All of this combined must take an amazing amount of hand eye coordination. I can barely ride a bike for a mile when it has uphills in it. These people go for miles and miles up hill with zero room for error and/or a brake. I have also seen images of what their legs look like after a race... and it's crazy. You can see every single muscle and vein. Here is what I am referring to:

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    Creepy pic. I had no idea they were pushing their legs to that extreme. I mean I knew it was a next level type endurance sport, but holy crap. That's almost disturbing.
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    Final Stage tomorrow morning. What their legs must look like after 2 and a half weeks...