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Didi Gregorius becoming the next Derek Jeter for the Yanks

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    Gotta a lot of respect for Derek Jeter of the Yanks, at least as a player. He never left his team, and that's pretty damn rare. Especially for an almost 20 year pro career. Not to mention he was a hell of a player.

    Wonder what everyone here thinks of his supposed replacement Didi Gregorius? Didi didn't start off great this season, but he has really come on as of late, quieting all the noise around getting rid of him early on. Question is, do you think he can be the guy to truly replace Jeter?

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    He's been fun to watch lately. I know it's early, but Didi's been in the league for almost 4 years now. I think it's safe to say we can expect a lot more of the same quality play for a long time to come. Honestly Jeter was great, but so is Didi right now. I think he is capable of being Jeter's equal, over time.