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How To Watch Premier League Matches if you live in the U.S.

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    Can be tough being a soccer fan in the US sometimes, especially when you want to watch Premier League games. But there are options for you still, to watch or stream most any match.

    If you have cable service:

    -- NBC is the place to go. Specifically NBCSN. That will take you to the full TV Premier League Schedule. They also have a 'channel finder' feature on there, so you can easily see if you get NBCSN, and what channel # you can find it on.

    -- NBCSN gives you a lot of games on TV. But not all of them. So if you are wanting to be able to watch ANY game, live and as it's happening, you need to use NBCSN Live Extra. (there's a link to download the mobile/tablet app as well)

    (Keep in mind, both of those require TV service, and for you to sign in with your account info.)

    Also of note, USA Network will be airing 40 matches throughout the year as well, on the weekends. To sum all this availability info up, here's an excerpt from USA Network:

    For the season, USA Network will televise more than 40 weekend Premier League games -- most during the multi-match Saturday 10 a.m. ET window. Premier League fans in the U.S. can now enjoy two live matches in most Saturday 10 a.m. ET windows: one game on NBCSN and one on USA.

    All remaining Premier League matches will be made available on Premier League Extra Time, a bonus television package available to MVPDs at no extra cost for customers who receive NBCSN.

    In addition, weekly matches will be telecast in Spanish by TELEMUNDO and NBC UNIVERSO, and will also be streamed on the NBC Deportes EN VIVO EXTRA app for mobile devices.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you find anymore places to watch or stream.

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    I've been pleasantly surprised with how any matches NBCSN has been showing as of late. The MLS is great and all, but if you want to watch some real futbol (aka soccer) then check these guys out. They are the best of the best.