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Panthers or Falcons Will Win The Much Improved NFC South

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    Tampa Bay is young and talented, but they have a rookie QB. So this should be a rebuilding year for them. And the Saints lost Jimmy Graham. Hard to overstate how big of a blow that will be to Brees and company. I just don't see New Orleans doing better than last year. Likely they are primed to come in last in the division.

    That leaves the Falcons and last year's NFC South division champs Carolina. Being a Panther's fan, I'm honestly excited for this season. No one thought they would have done as well as they did last year. And I think they got better in the off season. They got rid of the distraction of Hardy. They gained another really solid receiver in Harry Douglas, to work alongside Benjamin. And Cam is a year older, and should be heading into his mature prime of his NFL career.

    Doesn't mean I'm blind to the fact that the Falcons could be really good this year too. Julio looks 100% again. Same for Roddy. Their offensive line is improved and more healthy....

    I don't know. I'm a Panther's homer. How do you think this season will go for the NFC South? I know they were kinda the laughing stock in the NFL last year. But I don't think they will be the worst division in football at all this year. Every team (minus the Saints) should be much better this year.

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    IF Atlanta can win all their division games and remember how to be dominate at home, I think they right the ship this year and win easily. They were crazy beat up last year. That's the only reason why Carolina was able to take the division at the end.
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    I really, really, really dislike Cam Newton. I don't think the Panthers will ever get anywhere with him as their QB. Other than by luck.