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This Isn't the Year to be a Bears Fan

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    I hate to admit it, but I'm not very optimistic about the Bears prospects this season. Sure, I am a big fan of Cutler (much to the chagrin of some of my fellow Bears fans), and I love that they brought on John Fox as the new head coach, but I have to say that I'm not expecting them to go very far this season.

    First off--they have a really tough schedule. Playing our arch rivals on the first game of the season would get me excited if I had high expectations this season, but Aaron Rogers and Green Bay are looking mighty strong and will more than likely embarrass the Bears at Soldier Field. One loss is fine, but then we play the Seahawks two weeks later and then have a pretty tough schedule throughout the remainder of the season.

    Most odds predictors are saying that the Bears will be lucky to win 8 games this season and I have to say that I agree with them. I'll always be a die hard fan, but this might be a year where I find myself repeatedly saying "well, there's always next year."

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    Yeah taking a look at the whole schedule, I see 8-8 in their future. But who knows man, if they can get a few surprise wins.. maybe 9-7 or 10-6 will be good enough for wildcard.

    They get Arizona, Oakland, KC, Detroit twice, Minn twice, SD, St Louis, SF, Washington, and the Bucs. That's 12 of their games right there. It wouldn't surprise I guess if they split their division games here. And if they can beat the rest of this bunch (which is possible, none should be particularly better) then that would give them 10-6 record.

    Cuz there is no way I see them winning any of the other 4 - GB twice, Seattle, Denver.