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Nationals vs Mets NL East Race Will Make For Great October Baseball

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    The most interesting division race going in baseball right now in my opinion is between the Mets and the Nationals. Reason being: first of, the race is very close. 2.5 game difference as of today. Secondly though, it should literally come down to the final game of the regular season, because of the way the schedule is set up.

    10/2 Nationals @ Mets

    10/3 Nationals @ Mets

    10/4 Nationals @ Mets

    All things being equal between now and early October, we will get to see them go head to head to determine the NL East champ. So, early playoff games! Maybe it will decided before then, but I don't think so.

    Also makes me wonder if it will be any advantage for the Mets to get them at home. There will also be 3 games in the Nationals park Sept 7-9 that will shed more light on this final stretch.

    I'm excited to see who lands on top here. Gut says it will be the Nationals, if for no other reason then it just feels like there time has finally come.

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    Best thing for baseball is to have the last month mean something. I agree. This should be one of the best finish races in all of baseball. Mets should get it though. Home field advantage truly does help.