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NFL Preseason- Tv Schedule and Streaming Options

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    NFL Preseason is finally here! Tonight is kicking off the actual schedule with a full bracket. I will admit though, I am most excited for the Ravens/Saints game. Both of those teams have done well lately, and I think the Saints will go far this year. It's about time for another SB for those guys. They deserve it.

    I know preseason isn't the most exciting thing in the world for some people. But I think it's what seperates the winners from the losers when comes to the NFL. It's always exciting for me to see what the teams will be bringing. Not to mention, it shows alot of the weaknesses each team has that year. Bottom line, it's pro football. These guys aren't going to lose a game just because it's preseason. They will fight it out as long as their stars aren't getting hurt.

    Tonight's line up:

    Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots

    Start time: 7:30 PM EST
    TV Channel: NFL Network

    New York Jets at Detroit Lions

    Start time: 7:30 PM EST
    Channel: WCBS (CBS/2 - New York) | WJBK (FOX/2 - Detroit)

    New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens

    Start time: 7:30 PM EST
    Channel: WVUE (FOX/8 - New Orleans) | WBAL (NBC/11 - Baltimore)

    Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears

    Start time: 8:00 PM EST
    Channel: WFOR (CBS/4 - Miami) | WFLD (FOX/32 - Chicago)

    Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns

    Start time: 8:00 PM EST
    Channel: WRC (NBC/4 - Washington) | WEWS (ABC/5 - Cleveland)

    Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers

    Start time: 10:00 PM EST
    Channel: KTVT (CBS/11 - Dallas) | KFMB (CBS/8 - San Diego)

    As for streaming:

    NFL Game Pass- It is by far the best option. They have a 7 day free trial right now with it being the start of the season.

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    Interesting that Brady played a few snaps last night. I think the Pats are openly wanting to poke at the NFL now; gloves are off and Kraft is pissed.
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    Going to be very exciting watching all of the rookie talent this season. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we avoid another injury ridden year.