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Texas Rangers Are Having Their Most Rollercoaster Season Ever

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    Okay, I'm a pretty big Rangers fan. And this has been a terribly interesting season for me to watch. Wanted to give the cliffnotes on just how up and down it's been if you haven't been following, as for me, it's hard to believe:

    DOWN: Texas Rangers baseball started off terribly this season. Laughable even. April baseball saw them finish 7-14. Everyone in Dallas was already counting them out.

    UP: Then May rolls around and they go on some kind of awesome run to turn everything around, finishing 26-25. They finished that month winning 10 of their last 12 games. Everyone on local radio here was now saying they were playing well above their talent level, and that they could not possibly sustain this success.

    COASTING: Then June was interesting. Started off trading wins and loses, and then a terrible 6 game losing streak had everyone came back down to earth, thinking once again that these guys were done. At this point even, with a winning record at 40-38.

    DOWN, BASICALLY OUT: Then we get to the halfway mark. 42-46. Too many games out to get excited for a possible wildcard chance. Again, over and out.

    End of July --- 50-52. Okay, okay. Still hanging around....

    WAY, WAY UP! And that brings us to August baseball in Rangerland. We currently sit at 60-57 after a 5 game winning streak! That's good enough for playoff baseball man.

    With around 40 games or so to go in the regular season, this team is no where near done. Will they fall off again? Hell, will they catch the Astros, who they are only 4 games out of reach of now??

    This has been the most rollercosaster of seasons I have ever seen for the Rangers, and they are kind of well known for being that kind of team. A major collapse, or a World Series return?! Either route is entirely possible out this point.

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    I would be a little worried if I were the Astros, but the seem to be holding them at bay for now. Regardless, they look to be in strong contention for the second Wild Card slot if they can't catch up to the Astros. One slip up though and they can be out of contention before they know it. That second Wild Card slot in the AL is pretty crowded.