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Blue Jays or KC Royals Look Set To Win AL Pennant

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    I know I'm completely ignoring the Yankees. But that's on purpose. I think when it's all said and done, either the Blue Jays or the Royals will win the AL Pennant.

    Seems like experts are starting to agree with me, too -- 2015 World Series Odds: Blue Jays, Royals Favorites To Win AL Pennant

    Personally I hope its one of these teams anyways, especially the Royals. They haven't won since '85. And since baseball has a long history of dynasty clubs, that leaves a lot of teams with serious winning droughts. Also the Jays haven't seen the WS since '93; almost as long.

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    The Royals are looking awfully good this year. I'd be surprised if anyone in the AL takes them down in the playoffs.

    It'll be a different ball game when/if the Royals get to the World Series though. I think the NL is a much stronger league this year and whoever makes it to the World Series (Go Cubs Go!) will win it all.