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MLS Playoff Field Wide Open at Tail End of the 2015 Season

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    This is a make or break month for MLS teams in both conferences. Every single team (you're reading that correctly) has more than enough scenarios where they could either find themselves in the top six of their conference and in the playoffs or they can fall out of contention after a couple poor performances.

    Six points separate the top five teams in the Western Conference. One point separates LA and Vancouver, but three other teams are more than capable of catching up to them if either team has one or two poor performances. My beloved Timbers are one of those teams. They can have two good games and find themselves atop the conference or they can have a couple bad games and fall below the line for good. Even the last place team, Real Salt Lake, is a couple wins away (as long as other teams lose) from sneaking into the playoffs picture.

    The Eastern Conference is just as crowded. D.C. is currently leading the conference, but New York and Columbus are one win away from knocking them down the leader board. The top three are pretty comfortably ahead of the rest of the conference, and the fourth and fifth place teams (Toronto and New England) are all but certain to make the playoffs, but the sixth spot in the conference is wide open. Two points separate the sixth and tenth place teams in the conference, so it's going to be a slug fest to claim that sixth and final playoff team in the East.

    As you can see--this is a make or break month for all MLS teams. It's not very often that every single team is still in contention with one month to go. This will either be a fun or terribly sad month for soccer fans...depending on where your favorite team lands.

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    I'm pretty happy with where New England is standing right now. I don't know if we can move up too much, but we should definitely make it into the playoffs barring a complete breakdown.