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The NFC North is the Packers to Lose

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    It pains me to say this, but the Packers are one hell of a team and 2015 is shaping up to be another great year for them. They may have lost Jody Nelson for the entire season, but they have so much depth that his absence isn't likely to be felt much inside of the division.

    I see both the Vikings and Lions putting together winning seasons this year, but I don't know if either team has it in them to come out on top of the division. Most odds predictors are thinking they will both win 7-8 games each, but that isn't going to be enough if they want to finish atop the division. Anything can happen (injuries, poor performances, etc), but Green Bay isn't necessarily known for choking when games are tight.

    That brings me to my beloved Bears. I'm excited with the hire of John Fox, but the team he inherited is in shambles and it's going to take him some time to turn it around. I've always been a huge fan of Jay Cutler (to the chagrin of many of my fellow Bears fans), but his offensive line is horrendous and the rest of the offensive leaves a lot to be desired. And don't even get me started on their defense. The team that used to be known for having the best "D" in the league now resembles a Division II college teams defense. Needless to say--I don't have high hopes for the 2015 season.

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    I agree. The Packers are looking pretty good this year. I don't know if I see them going to the Super Bowl, but I would be shocked if they didn't win the NFC North division and get a first round bye.

    And I'm sorry about your Bears. That franchise has some serious soul searching to do.

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    As great as Jordy is, I agree with you about the depth of Green Bay. They are probably the #1 team in the league when it comes to cultivating back-ups into legit starters. Just look at Aaron Rodgers. And if Lacey goes down, James Starks is a great replacement. In that same vein, I don't think much a beat will be missed by inserting DaVante Adams into the #2 WR role.

    And they went ahead and got James Jones back as their #3 WR. Smart.

    No other team in that division has anywhere close to the same talent, across the board. It's a shame Chicago's D has fallen off SO much. Without that, besides Matt Forte, they are seriously hurting at playmaker talent. Sure Jeffrey is special. But the guy I think will struggle staying healthy this entire season.