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Cleveland Browns Need to Drop Johnny Manziel

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    Just recently, police were called in response to Manziel and his girlfriend for a physical altercation last Monday while he was driving back to his house in Avon, Ohio. I can't speculate what exactly happened because I wasn't there. But I assure you that alcohol was involved. Manziel gave the most generic response to his level of alcohol consumption that day, "I had two beers at lunch". Yeah, OK.

    I am not saying that the Browns need to drop him for this reason alone. He has proven that his athleticism was just a pretty bow on a self righteous, showboating person. For some reason he cannot see that the way he behaves is destroying his career. I am not sure if he thinks that the money and fame will be with him for the rest of his life. That is just not true. If he doesn't correct himself (odds are that he won't), he will end up being dropped from the Browns. Left with zero money and a chip on his shoulder created by himself.

    It's one thing if you are self righteous and a loud mouth AND BACK IT UP like Richard Sherman. It's another thing if you act like that and have zero to back it up with.

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    I gotta agree. I think he didn't really do that much bad with this latest incident, besides probably dating a girl that he should have known better than to date. But he just all around has been making terrible choices ever since he got a little limelight. And I too don't see it getting any better from this point on. Plus with McCown outplaying him at QB in Cleveland, that doesn't bode well for him to ever actually be a viable NFL starter. So I am sure he is on a thin leash there for the Browns already.