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Four Teams Remain in Race for MLS Cup

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    The end to the MLS season is just around the corner as the two remaining teams in each conference prepare to play their first leg of the Conference Finals on Sunday.

    My beloved Portland Timbers are returning to the Western Conference Finals for the second time in three years and they will be playing against FC Dallas. Portland will be hosting the first round on Sunday and Dallas will be hosting the second round at a yet to be determined date and time. Dallas tied for the most points in the regular season and they are the clear favorites, but the Timbers have been on fire lately and haven't lost since October 3. If they can eek out a win at home then they will be in a strong position when they head down to Dallas for leg two.

    The Eastern Conference will pit the Columbus Crew against the New York Red Bulls. New York was the other team who scored the most points in MLS, seven ahead of Columbus. Both teams have looked strong in the playoffs, but I'd give the advantage to New York.

    It would be awesome to see the Timbers make it to their first MLS Cup Final, but it's going to be a tough two games for them. If they are able to knock off Dallas then I have a feeling they will be going all the way.

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    Hope it goes to Dallas. They need some franchise success love, with the Cowboys in shambles, the Rangers falling fast in the playoffs, the Mavericks staring at a small chance to even make the Western conference playoffs... but their hockey team with the Stars is doing quite good.