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The Big 12/SEC Challenge

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    Gonna be some great matchups for the Big 12/SEC Challenge this season. Will take place a little later in the year this time around (January 20th, 2016).

    Vanderbilt @ Texas
    West Virginia @ Florida
    Ole Miss @ Kansas State
    Arkansas @ Texas Tech
    Georgia @ Baylor
    Oklahoma State @ Auburn
    Kentucky @ Kansas
    Oklahoma @ LSU
    Iowa State @ Texas A&M

    They have only been doing this for 2 seasons now, this being the third. But I think its really cool. And makes a lot of sense matching up inter-season play between these 2 specific conferences (I'm biased as they are my two favorite, especially the Big 12).

    The Big 12 is 2-0 in overall record. Really interested to see if they can keep it up. Wanted to post this just in case people weren't aware of this. All happens on the same day. Starts at noon and goes through like 10pm.

    Really looking forward to that Kentucky/Kansas game. That and that A&M game, and Baylor/Georgia... good stuff man. good stuff.

    Who do you think has the edge this time around, conference wise?