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Would you sit Peyton the rest of the year, given Osweiler's success?

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    The Broncos are 9-2. And they have the best QB probably that has ever played the game on their team. And yet, they are smack dab in the middle of a serious quarterback controversy. Curious on everyone's take here about this.

    Here's the skinny, if you haven't quite followed it --

    This season has been strange for the Broncos. Peyton has really only looked like Peyton for 1 or maybe 2 games, where he played elite and solid ball. The rest, he has suffered greatly. Whether it be from old age, lingering injuries or just simply loosing his edge and confidence (likely a combo of all those) the Denver defense is the sole reason really why they were 7-2 under his leadership. Their D is basically tied with Carolina as elite and the best in the league. Tons of pick 6's and whatnot.

    Then, during a bad loss to the Chiefs where Peyton throw multiple picks and just looked plain bad, the QB backup Osweiler stepped in during the latter part of the game. And while he didn't completely turn the game around (it was simply too far gone at that point) he did put up offense, something Peyton was completely unable to do to that point.

    And then we hear that Peyton has been suffering from a toe injury. First it was likely turf toe. Now it has come out to be actually a tear of the plantar fascia in his foot, along with other lesser but still annoyingly lingering injuries.

    Add to that Osweiler leading the Broncos to a decisive win over the Bears, where he played pretty solidly. And most impressively, where Denver beats the previously undefeated Patriots, on a game tying drive to push the game into overtime solely on the arm of Osweiler, and an eventual win in OT thanks to the running game... and now the backup is 2-0, with one very impressive win under his belt.

    BEGS the question -- should the Broncos shut down Peyton for the season? Their defense is elite and can win them playoff games themselves. And the backup is proving just as capable if not more so than the hall of fame injured Peyton. Gets even more tricky when you consider that we might never see Peyton Manning on the field again, ever, if they decide to do so.

    So the big question is, if you were the head coach of Denver and had Peyton Manning saying he is ready to play, would you start him going forward, or not?

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    I couldn't sit him, if he says he's healthy. As long as you grill him and are very confident he is at least like 85%, you have to start him. If you don't believe him though, yeah. You gotta sit him. Playoffs are on the line.