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ACC Championship Football: Can North Carolina Defeat Clemson?

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    That is an honest question. Can North Carolina take out Clemson? I really think they can, and they will. They are the underdog going into this game. It's always nice rooting for the underdog, but I am thinking they will win for more detailed reasons.

    First off, Dabo Swinney has done some amazing things for Clemson this year. None of which have gone unnoticed. That is the main factor (in my opinion) that has led them to a victorious year. The major problem I see for them in this game is their defense. It is not as solid as it usually is. Carolina is going to utilize that to the absolute fullest. And I think that is what is going to be the determining factor.

    Carolina has a reputation for disappointment. I say this is the year that they triumph.

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    Not a chance. This is Clemson's year. Undefeated, and they have looked good all year. I see them walking into and through a national championship win personally. But I get where you coming from. I would consider it a massive upset if they lose today though. Massive. Sure the Tar Heels have played over and above themselves this season. But I don't think they have had to play as tough as an offense as Clemson.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see a 2-3 score (14-21+) win by the Tigers. I think they are that good.