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The Jampacked 2015 US Soccer Schedule

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    The 2015 soccer schedule

    U.S. Soccer is in for a pretty packed and exciting season for 2015, if you are into the sport. And even if you aren't, this might be THE year to start paying attention. Here are 12 events worth tuning in for with the 2015 season. The US has really stepped up its game this year, entering itself in plenty of tournaments for several opportunities to be crowned, with plenty of tough match-ups that would be worthwhile to beat. Here you are:

    USMNT Friendlies (opens end of January, with opponents through the first half of the year, spreadout)
    MLS SuperDraft (January 15th)
    MLS Preason (February 18th - 28th)
    MLS Home Openers (starts March 6th)
    MYCFC and Orlando City Home Openers (March 8th)
    Europa League Final (May 27th)
    UEFA Champions League Final (June 6th)
    FIFA U-20 World Cup (May 30- June 20)
    CONCACAF Gold Cup (July 7-26th)
    Women's World Cup (June 6th- July 5th)
    Copa America (June 11th - July 4th)
    MLS Cup Final (first weekend of December)

    I say put a big circle around the SuperDraft and of course the FIFA World Cup. That's what I am mostly looking forward to.