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The Eli Manning "Non Story" on the Broncos last TD

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    Social media and some newspapers like the Washington Post have been commenting on clips of Eli Manning not cheering as the Broncos C.J. Anderson scored a touchdown with 3:13 left in the game. Sheese...they have even suggested a "sour grapes" scenario as the "big brother" matched the younger brother in Super Bowl wins. How petty.

    The reason Eli and their father Archie did not jump up and cheer was because they wanted Peyton to throw one more Super Bowl TD. Up until then, Peyton's QB performance and his QB rating (56.6) were hardly one that had bragging rights. Eli knew that and Archie knew that. What they needed was a passing TD by Peyton, and when C.J. ran the two yards in for the score, that was the last opportunity for a Manning Super Bowl TD.

    Note that the game was in the bag with 3:13 left in the game and the ball on the two yard line. An automatic field goal would have made it a two score game. A passing TD is what Eli and Archie wanted more than anything. But visions of Russ Wilson's interception at the end of last year's Super Bowl probably played on everyone's mind.

    Neither Eli nor Archie are not necessarily Broncos fans. They are both avid Peyton Manning fans.

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    Yup, it's ridiculous. The one clip and picture they keep showing was when there was still time left in the game. I have seen a lot of games where a team with a 2+ td lead ends up losing by a unfortunate series of events in the last couple minutes. Eli, who is a veteran, knows that still was a possibility.

    Its ok though. Peyton and everyone who's close to them know that.