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All-Star Weekend: Slam Dunk and Three-Point Contest

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    My 2 favorite parts from the NBA All-Star weekend, the 3-pt shootout and the slam dunk contest. As for the games, they play out a little like most other pro league all star affairs; a watered-down game with little on the line (it feels like anyways).

    But you do get to see skills and creativity in these two. The three point shootout is always good when you have guys like Stephen Curry showing off. He won last year. Any chance Harden, or maybe JJ Redick or possibly even Devin Booker can beat him out this time? I just don't see anyone in the game (possibly ever) that shoots the 3 like Curry.

    Best part though is the Slam Dunk contest. I wish more players would enter (like Lebron). But for now, the 4 in are really good. Zach LaVine is defending the title. And I really don't see him going down either.

    Him, from last year ---