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Texas A&M - Greatest Comeback in NCAA Tournament History

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    Texas A&M literally made college basketball history last night against Northern Iowa. The Aggies were 12 points down with 44 seconds on the clock. It was one of those rare moments that you see in sports, where you see a team instantaneously becomes a single electrically charged unit.

    The Aggies rallied in those last precious seconds with the help of four turn overs from Northern Iowa, tying the game 71 to 71 with 1.9 seconds to go on the clock. The end result was a 92 - 88 victory for the Aggies, launching them into the Sweet 16.

    No team has ever come back to win from being 12 or more points down, with a minute or less to play.

    Does this new victory and historical achievement pose as an advantage for the Aggies psychologically? Only time will tell.

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    Amazing finish. Everything that needed happen did. And they did it without any timeouts either. Crazy.

    Northern Iowa vs. Texas A&M: Aggies mount massive comeback in final minute

    A must watch, in case you missed it.

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    Tell me about it. You could see that look on the player's faces. It was like they knew they were tapping into some rare zone.