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The Best #2 Seeds: Oklahoma v Villanova, Great Final Four Showdown

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    We started off with 4 #2 seeds - Villanova, Oklahoma, Xavier and Michigan State.

    I don't think anyone thought Xavier would go far. But I have to admit, I thought MI St had a pretty easy route into the final four. Turned out they were easily foiled.

    But I saw Oklahoma making it to the Final Four. And Villanova has been outstanding offensively. Jenkins has been a force. This will be great match-up. How do you see it doing down?

    I'm really curious if the Sooners defense can stop Villanova. I think that's the matchup to watch here. I still have the Sooners pulling it out. My guess is a high scoring game, something like 84-77.

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    OK almost made a run last year. I think they go all the way here.

    guess.. 76-54. Landslide.

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    I think this game will be way more of a even match than most think. Villanova isn't 4/64 left standing by coincidence. If they were to win, I won't be a bit surprised.
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    How could you have possibly seen THAT coming?!? Villanova destroyed the Sooners in every way imaginable. Beat them so bad it set a final four record, 95-51.

    I didn't even recognize the two teams that showed up. With all the hype around OK to go the finals, and the feel that the Wildcats were a sorta underdog.. yeah.. once the game got started, it was super clear who was about to dominate who.

    Don't know that you can ever call a 44 point margin victory a great game. But my jaw was certainly dropped for a good portion. It wasn't a great game. But it was a shocking one. So I guess for anyone that thinks that UNC is just going to walk in and take the trophy, after that game last night, I don't see how you could still think that.