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NFL Schedule Release: Broncos vs. Panthers For Game One.

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    The NFL Schedule has been released. I have to say that this schedule looks pretty great. One thing that is quite different is that last years Super Bowl contenders will be the first game of the season. Some people seem to be complaining quite a bit about that decision. I can't see one good reason that they should complain. I think it's a good move and I'm already excited to see that particular matchup. Considering Carolina's loss at the SB, and Peyton's retirement. Though anyone who watched that game cwill tell you that it was Broncos defense that took that game, not necessarily Peyton. My money is on Broncos to win again for the opener.

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    That's fairly standard, right? For the Super Bowl contenders to open the following season? I think it is. Well, maybe they have done conference rematch championship opponents too, to open the season. I can't remember...

    Either way, it's the right move. Well be cool to see just how much of Denver's dominance remains after a full off season. And if Carolina has what it takes to overcome their last loss, on the biggest stage.

    I agree with you. Carolina will once again lose.

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    I'm honestly not sure if it's the norm. There's so many games between then and the SB. But I do hear that this being the season opener is aggravating fans. I'll see if I can find the article.