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What is the identity of 2016 Boston Red Sox?

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    David Price, Buchholz, Porcello, Kelly and Wright. Solid bull pin. Then Kimbrel as your closer. Another solid option. And yet the Sox look pedestrian as hell this season so far. They look like one of those sub .500 teams, that will be fighting for a wildcard spot come the end of the year.

    Just wondering. I've been watching this team trying to figure out there identity.. I thought it was going to be pitching. But since they are currently 8-9, 17 games in is only a fraction of 162. But still. They don't seem to be able to hang their hat there yet.

    So what'll their identity actually be this year? Maybe they aren't going to be nearly as good I thought.. any Boston fans out there wanna correct me here? I am a Rangers fan first and foremost. But the Red Sox always catch my attention throughout the season. It's wierd; I actually like it when they are doing really well.

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    They had their moment in the sun many seasons ago. I agree, they are just looking weak this season. I don't think we'll hear anything big about this team for seasons to come.