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Manchester United's Juan Mata admited to ridculous footballer salaries

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    You don't see this everyday. We hear fan-talk about how ridiculous athletes' salaries are. You see it in American football, baseball, basketball, but it only seems to come up for soccer, when trades between teams like Manchester United and Chelsea come up. This is one example of a player actually talking about how commercialized their sport has become. Juan Mata was signed to Chelsea for a reported 40 million pounds, that's $57,972,600 in U.S dollars. This guy even said that he would be willing to take a pay cut if it meant that his sport would become less commercialized. Are there any other examples of this in sports, where an athlete actually criticizes salaries and the commercialization of their sport?
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    Good question. Worth looking into. I think I have heard random interviews of NFL players saying stuff along those lines. But mostly, nope. It's pretty uniform; everyone likes all the money. Go figure.

    I wonder, how long is the $57.9M contract for?