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NBA Finals Predictions, for the West and the East

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    Let's start with the East, that's much easier.

    Cavs, ATL/BOS, likely Miami (but maayybe CHA), and TOR/IND. Those are the teams left standing from Round 1 and going into Round 2, as the Cavs swept the Pistons already.

    Alright. So, still looks to be the Cavs, and then everyone else. If Lebron and company lose, it will be an upset. Maybe Atlanta can pull the upset. That's not crazy to me. But I would be shocked if anyone else even contends. That means that if the Cavs when Round 2, they should walk into the Finals.

    The West

    And now it gets complicated. Golden State is the obvious choice here. Up 3-1 on Rockets, without Curry even. Close to a lock to win that series, even if Curry sits the next game as well. But that's the problem. Curry re-entered game 4 after an injury sidelined him, only to quickly leave the game again, with a knee issue. How long he sits and isn't 100% or close to it, that's the equation to figure out if GSW can repeat in the finals. They need Curry, otherwise...

    San Antonio will take all. They swept Memphis easily. And next up for them is the Thunder. The Spurs though just have too much talent, both young and extremely experienced talent, to lose here.

    SO that means it will be the Spurs taking on either the Warriors, or the winner of the Clippers/Portland series (gotta be LAC up already 2-1 though, I think). As long as Curry comes back for a good chunk of that series, pencil in GSW to take on the Spurs for the Finals spot.

    Finals Prediction

    Give me the Cavaliers out of the East and the Spurs coming out of the West. I really want it to be GSW again. But Curry getting injured like this, I just don't see it right now. Lots can change in the next few weeks though. Stay tuned.

    Oh. Might as well call the series and winner while I'm at it. Put me down for - the Spurs winning in 6.


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    All comes down to Curry in the west. If he's healthy, it's a coin flip for warriors or spurs. If he doesn't come back, Spurs all the way.

    I wish the east was better. All they really have are the Cavs. Meaning really, all the have is Lebron.

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    I think it will be:

    Cavs vs. Heat

    Golden State vs. Thunder