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St. Louis Blues Defeat Chicago Blackhawks in NHL Playoffs.

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    St. Louis has knocked the Chicago Blackhawks out of the playoffs. Although, I'm a Blackhawks fan, I am sincerely happy for the Blues. It was a really great series. And in all, I just want good hockey. In a strange kind of way, I'm actually happy the Hawks are out. Next up in the series would have been for them to face off with the Stars. I'm just not sure my heart could have handled that kind of stress. The Stars are great this year, and the Hawks have a way of torturing their fans with last minute wins.

    As I said, I'm happy for you Blues. Nothing like defeating your longtime rival in the playoffs.

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    That last game was pretty brutal to watch. I was pulling for Chicago. I really wanted them to play the Stars. Oh well. Won't be as fun with the Blues, but I think this could be Dallas' year. Been a looooong time since the Stars were relevant. It's pretty nice, as the Mavericks got creamed in Round 1. Rangers relevance is a ways off. And NFL is months away.