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Is it too Early to Start Talking About an "L Train" World Series?

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    I know it's only a month into the season, but the two best teams in the MLB right now are my beloved Cubs and my hated White Sox. The only think that gets me excited about the White Sox fast start is the potential for the first ever "L Train" World Series in Chicago. If that were to happen then this city will erupt.

    The Cubs were already the heavy favorite going into this year and their first month has definitely lived up to that expectation. Jake Arrieta is 4-0 with a no hitter to boot. Anthony Rizzo has 8 home runs and 22 RBI's in that same time frame. And the rest of the team seems to have little problem moving on from the loss of Kyle Schwarber for the season. I have to admit that I'm not nearly as up to date with White Sox stats, but they are obviously having one hell of a start this year.

    Anything can happen in the long MLB season, but if these two teams continue to dominate their respective leagues then we'll be having a repeat of 2000, but this time it will be in Chicago and not New York City.

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    Chicago could certainly use that. Outside of 2005 (Sox won), both these teams have had a seriously long and frustrating drought. That town would certainly erupt. Too bad the baseball season is so damn long. Hard to really get a feel for a season until well after the All Star break. Still months away.
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    I've heard good things about White Sox this year, they really show promise. I have my doubts about the cubs though. The Cardinals may still surprise us in NL Central. It's true, that it is too early in the season to tell. But, if we are talking about hopeful showdowns, then I'm going to have to go with the Nationals or the White Sox vs. My Rangers. :)