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Cavaliers Sweeping Into The Finals

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    Cavs are 8-0 in the playoffs so far. Two complete sweeps. Hawks made a real game of it in final 4th go. But still no one can hang with them. And as beat up as the Heat and Raptors are, I see zero chance of either even getting a single win against Cleveland.

    12-0 to the finals. Last time we saw anything like this was the 2000-01 Lakers. They went 15-1, with the only loss coming in one overtime game. Not that I think the Cavs can sweep a team like the Spurs or Golden State, whoever gets it. But 12-0 is entirely possible. And 16-0.. that's not out of the question either.

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    No one is walking through the playoffs like Cleveland. Not even the Spurs. Maybe GSW could have, with Curry. But thems the brakes. Injuries are part of the sport. And if I had to pick a team right now, it would easily be the Cavs to win it all.

    If OKC can make it a series with San Antonio, or even win and advance (tied at 2-2 now), and it's between them or the Curry-less GSW in the finals against the Cavs.. c'mon. We could actually see a 16-0 run. Perfect storm set; they just now have to take advantage and hope a few things fall their way.

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    9-0. Game 1 was a serious beat down too. 115-84. They are seriously primed to finish them out in 4. And with Warrior losing game 1, we could be seeing a Thunder/Heat final. To think now the Cavs could go 16-0, odds just went up big time.