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Breaking down the Stars/Blues series

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    I can get as over-excited as any Texas fan when it comes to seeing one of our teams even have a slight chance at winning... well... something. Now, don't get me wrong, I think I am being realistic here. I don't think they'd stand a chance against Pittsburgh or Washington this season, but I do think the Stars have a chance to make it to the semi-finals. They've tied it up with the Blues, forcing a game 7 (like the Predators), granted, the Blues still played a solid game and Dallas was able to get an early jump on them in the first 20 seconds.

    Perhaps it was a fluke, I don't know. Dallas has been having issues with goal-tending as of late, and they aren't as aggressive as St. Louis, even though it seems like they want to be. What worries me the most is that in game 6, St. Louis had the puck the majority of the time with 37 shots to Dallas' 14, with St. Louis scoring two of those shots. Still, you could call at difference in accuracy, right? :) It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to call that 35 saves by Dallas out of 37 shots by St. Louis? :) I know those two questions just made you roll your eyes and say "That's the typical blind hope of a Texas fan right there."

    Even though it is late in the round, I'm hoping that Dallas has found their advantage. They aren't as offensive as their advisories, no, but they seem to be finding a way to make opportunities count, that's not to take away from their arsenal of good shooters though. Also, hats off to the Stars finally choosing a confident goalie. Kari Lehtonen was a wall in game 6.

    At any rate, we all root for the under dogs. It would be cool to see both teams, Predators and Stars, who refused game-6 shutouts, go to the semi-finals, at least for the sake of challenging predictability.

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    Everyone has picked the Blues to win this series. At least all the experts have. But not many ever expected it to go to game 7. So 3-3 means its sudden death. Maybe they aren't supposed to be here. But then again, maybe they are. Lots picked the Blues to win it all this year. So if they pass them, I think they can beat anyone. At least it will be a massive esteem boost.
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    Stars have no goalie. They could be great, but you can't win it all without that. Hopefully they make that a priority in the offseason.