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Here's Why the Penguins Will Win The Stanley Cup

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    With less than a month away from the Stanley Cup Finals, the fog of uncertainty is beginning to clear. We have some strong teams this year; playing furiously, making it an exciting post-season to watch. I'm sure I'm no different from anyone else to make an early prediction of who the Stanley Cup champions will be.

    NHL Western Conference:

    I'll go ahead and say it. I think that it is pretty much in the bag that no team from the Western Pacific Division has a chance at the finals. That being said, I think the San Jose Sharks will come out into the semi-finals, after defeating the Nashville Predators in game 7.

    I don't think that the Dallas Stars will be given the chance to repeat their opportunist play-style from their game 6 victory against the St. Louis Blues. Regardless of whether or not the Stars have, perhaps, finally decided on a strong goalie, The Blues Still have an offensive advantage. I think we will see San Jose facing St. Louis, with St. Louis prevailing in the end.

    NHL Eastern Conference:

    The Atlantic Division is settled and the Tampa Bay Lightning awaits their competition. In the Metropolitan Division, the Washington Capitals have one last chance to tie it up with the Pittsburgh Penguins. It has been the Capitals best year so far. They have played very well, especially against a tough team such as the Penguins. The Capitals scored some great goals in game 5, but the prowess of their goalie, Braden Holtby, was really what saved them. Unless he can bring back the fire, or the Capitals find a way to control the puck more, Pittsburgh will be facing the Lightning in the semi-finals. To be honest, I would love to see the Caps make it to the semis. They were the dominant team in the regular season, after all. Honestly, I think they'd mop the floor with Tampa Bay, and they would be tough competition for St. Louis, but still, I think the Penguins will come out on top, possibly shutting out the Capitals in game 6.

    Even though Tampa has an opportunity to rest, I still think the Penguins will shut them out. It will be a challenging game, but I don't think the results will be too shocking.


    It's no secret that the Eastern Conference has better teams with the longest track records for Stanley Cup victories. St. Louis is very solid and has proven resilient during the post-season. They are puck-hogs just like the Penguins, but Pittsburgh is a fast team, and arguably, one of the most balanced teams in the playoffs.

    Drum roll, please...

    I think Lord Stanley's Cup will go to the Pittsburgh Penguins

    Do you agree, or am I off my rocker? I want to hear everyone's predictions.

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    The Blues look every bit poised to win the West. I seriously doubt the Sharks can hang with them for a whole series. I see that one going 4-2, for the Blues. So, looks like we will see a Blues/Penguins finals. I agree with you there. And given that I think this year the Penguins will have had a much more interesting and competitive road to the finals, they will be more proven, more confident, and more poised to win it all.
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    Proven wrong on the Sharks. Now the Penguins are officially win. So far, you're logic stands firm. Should be a good series. Well, minus the Blues anyways. Penguins I believe will be the favorite to win it all.