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Joey Logano wins "most screwed up" Sprint All-Star race ever

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    Logano won, and it was a fun race to watch. Tuned in and out periodically. Seemed dramatic and all that. The race had crashes (guilty pleasure), close calls, all the tops racers.. everything you'd want from the night. Except..

    What in the hell was up with the most convoluted rules format this event has ever seen? You seriously needed a pen, paper and calculator to keep up with it all.

    I know rules change every year, and they will certainly never do this BS again based on all the backlash.. but still. Announcers were confused. Drivers were confused. And there's just no way that the casual fan truly understood the format either.

    It was so alien to the way things usually go. As it's even too complicated to bitch about here, here's an article ranting and raving in enough detail to fully get the gist.

    Also, Tony Stewart was pissed (not like that's rare, but yeah) :

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    Wow, this is a good example of over-reach of a sports organization. I sense a trend these days. Most of which takes the fun out of the sport and betrays what the sport was about to begin with. sheesh.