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Stop your NHL playoff predictions, it's anyone's game now

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    Being a Dallasite, I was naturally rooting for the Stars. Now that they are out... I've been rooting for other teams. I'm not your typical sports fan, I'm not going to go into cardiac arrest if my team doesn't win, although I came close when the Rangers lost the series A SECOND TIME. I at least broke a perfectly working space heater, ask my best friend and he'll give you the details on that one.

    Anyway, no one, and I mean NO ONE, can predict the outcome of the NHL playoffs. The lower seeds are giving a good beat down to the two teams we thought would blow straight to the finals. The Blues can't seem to get it together, and neither can the Penguins. In my opinion, the Sharks and the Lightning deserve the finals more. They've stuck it out through what most people thought were tough odds. I know it's more fun to root for the little guy, but I think watching these two teams fight it out in the finals would be more interesting.

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    JFoster Wrote:

    Being a Dallasite

    Careful now. That's mine. Very Happy

    Agreed. I feel the exact same way with the nba playoffs. I saw the Spurs and Cavs going. That's not going to happen. And might not be either one of them the way that Atlanta is coming up.

    I thought the Sharks had zero chance. Shows what I know. I knew on the other hand that Lightning/Penguins was going to be a knock down, drag out kinda fight. Proving so, so far I think. I'd be totally into a Sharks/Lightning finals.

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    Haha, apologies. It's very possible to see this happen, even though the Penguins tied it up, I still think the Lightning will at least be relentless to the very end.
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    Sharks are going to the finals after all. Momentum from that series might propel them through the finals. They won convincingly.