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Sharks advance to Stanley Cup for 1st time in 25 year history

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    First time in franchise history (25 years), congrats to the San Jose Sharks for making it to the Stanley Cup finals. Amazing, I thought they had no chance to even beat the Kings.

    Proven wrong big time. They are likely the best team going because they had the hardest road to the finals. La Kings 4-1. Then Predators 4-3. And most impressively the series win over the Blues 4-2.

    Whether it be the Lightning or the Penguins, I don't think it'll matter. Has a team ever won their first finals appearance? I think that'll happen for the Sharks. Call it another 4-2.

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    It's all about the matchup. Sharks are a fast team. Blues just couldn't hang. Not the case with either the Penguins or Lightning. Sure the Sharks are faster than both. But defensively, they will get shut down a lot more, and tested a lot more than from any team in the West.

    Nah, this has the feel of a game 7 finals winner, whoever it is. Sharks can totally win, but they will need to gut it out and get creative.