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Lebron brings championship to Cleveland, wins MVP unanimously

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    That was a truly great game. One of the best I have ever seen, given everything that was all the line.

    And I so wanted Lebron to finish the game with a stone cold dunk in the final seconds. When he went down from that fall, I thought he might have really hurt his wrist. Would have been fitting and terrible to win it all, and finally doing it by seriously hurting yourself.

    Lebron proved he is the greatest player in the world. Far and away. I started off wanting Curry and GSW to win everything. After tonight, I think it went down exactly like it should have. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit.. that's never happened before. When Lebron puts the game on his shoulders, he is almost impossible to beat 4/7 times. Congrats Cleveland for finally, finally, finally getting your big win.