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Copa America - Team USA v Argentina (David v Goliath)

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    Argentina is far and away the favorite to win the entire Copa. But seemingly out of nowhere our little USA team has come to play in this tournament, and made it all the way to the semi-finals as well.

    So here we have it, a true David v Goliath battle. Most expect for us to get completely destroyed. But I never expected team USA to make it this far. And either way, should be really cool to see what our up-and-coming team can do against a world beater, proven talent.

    This will be a measuring stick game for Team USA. This is something they need to move to the next level, win or lose. How do you see it playing out? Think they have ANY chance at winning? I hope so, but think not.

    The Guardian did put together a good article though on what USA will need to do to win, which yes, does include getting lucky.

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    This is the year of the underdogs (sorry San Jose Sharks). I really hope USA gets the win. Not just because that's where I'm from, but because everyone loves and underdog.