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Archery Needs More Love at The Olympics

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    I've always been fascinated by archery. Not only because it takes a ton of skill to navigate a projectile with the crazy aim these people have. But also because the bows and other equipment of today are just awesome to look at. I understand the reasoning behind giving more time to the major sports like swimming, track, basketball, and gymnastics. I really just want the viewers to get into this particular sport more.

    This year's Archery at the Rio Olympics is stacked with pros. Including one who I think (and hope) will be the champion of this year's game. The 24 year old, Atanu Das. The archer started at the age of 14. That's only 10 years. If you ask me, that's quite a late start to be able to master master a craft and head to the Olympics with it in such a short time. He made his first debut in a big event in 2008.

    Since then, Atanu won the Bronze medal along side partner, Deepika Kumari at the 2013 World Cup mixed team event. He then finished 4th in the individual event. There's not much more to this athlete that makes me sure he will win. Though I always enjoy putting my hopes in a newer player.

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    Rogan does a good job explaining how difficult, technical, and meditative archery really can be:

    Much respect to the olympic archers. Check this one out:

    How To Be An Archer | Faster Higher Stronger

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    First of all, Joe Rogan is the man. Other than that, Atanu Das is on a hot streak and on to the third round!