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Denver Broncos repeat chances to win Super Bowl

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    The Vegas bookies have the Broncos ranked seventh in betting odds at 16 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. However, I think they should be ranked higher because their defense is still either No. 1 or No. 2. If they win their opener against Carolina on September 8th, then they send a message to the rest of the league (and the bookies) that they are the team to beat. Trevor Siemian as QB has looked pretty good this preseason.

    New England Patriots 7/1

    Green Bay Packers 17/2

    Seattle Seahawks 9/1

    Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1

    Carolina Panthers 10/1

    Arizona Cardinals 12/1

    Denver Broncos 16/1

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    At least they are 3rd on the odds chart of teams that could win from the AFC. Only behind New England and Pitt. I think that sounds about right. Patriots have a solid defense and a much better offensive scheme. And Pitt's offense is hands down better. Like we saw last year though, defense wins you championships. So I wouldn't have an issue saying Pats #1, Broncos #2 instead.