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Raiders VERY Stupid to go for 2pt Conversion vs Saints

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    The week 1 game Raiders vs Saints it was a VERY stupid playcall to go for two because there still was 47 seconds left in the game. Jack Del Rio was wrong in saying, "Let's win it right now" because the game was far from over after they converted. I've seen so many comments with ppl supporting the play but I don't think they've thought it through.

    As soon as you make the 2pt conversion you significantly increase the odds that New Orleans kicks a FG because they have 4 downs and can attempt high risk\high reward throws. If you kick the extra point, New Orleans plays it safe to avoid losing the game with a turnover and it goes to OT.

    You NEVER go for 2 for the win at the end of a game when there is still enough time on the clock for your opponent to score.

    I do like the call if there was less than 15 seconds left on the game clock though. The Saints wouldn't have had a chance at a 61 yd field goal for the win if that was the case. It's actually BECAUSE Brees was playing so good that you go for the tie. 47 seconds is a lot of time for an elite QB to get into FG range even with no timeouts.

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    Jack Del Rio is always interesting to me. I think he might be the only head coach in the NFL that doesn't care about winning, as much as he cares about playing his version of football. Most head coaches would have taken the extra point, terrified of losing the game. But I think something happens when you go basically 8-8 every single season on average for over a decade... you simply don't care about winning a ring anymore.

    Good for him that it worked out. And I get the arguments for doing it. There was a combined 67 points on the board BEFORE that decision. Meaning both teams were scoring at will. But.. if you were so afraid of Brees turning around and scoring... that extra 1 point would have helped you ZERO if the Saints got a field goal or a touchdown. But a tie would have guaranteed you a chance at OT.

    Maybe he was scared to go into OT against Brees? I don't blame him. They certainly couldn't stop him. But still, it was ultimately the wrong call. Your team was also scoring basically at will. So take your chances and don't gamble your 1-0 season chances on a single 'screw it' play.

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    Del Rio's a bad coach. I don't know how he's held his job this long..