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#3 Louisville vs #5 Clemson, matchup of the year

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    Conversation for the Louisville/Clemson matchup, both before and after the game.

    I'm really excited for this game. Didn't think to call it in the game of the year when the season started. But as good as Louisville and Lamar Jackson have been, this is THE game I want to see. It will prove if the Cardinals are legit, as we already know Clemson and their defense is.

    There is a good chance whoever wins this game will be in the national championship game with Bama. Almost assuredly the winner will be in the playoffs, unless they stumble real hard in the second half of the season somewhere.

    How do you see this one playing out? I can't not get behind the Lousiville hype and Jackson.. I think their offense beats out Clemson, and I feel like by at least a few touchdowns. Something like - 38 to 24.

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    Cardinals can totally make it to the championship game, especially if they beat Florida State, Clemson and Houston (if Houston continues undefeated, which given their schedule is very likely). Strong case for a #2 seeding. But no one can knock Alabama off the #1 seed, except for Alabama losing a game.