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Ryder Cup Fans Getting Out of Control During Tournament

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    So the Ryder Cup is usually a bit more rowdy than most golf tournaments. But it seems to have jumped up to another level for this year. Golfers are getting super agitated by the almost heckler sense by the crowd of watchers. There has been yelling, screaming, booing, and of course cheering since the sun came up. And unfortunately, way more on the negative side than anything.

    At one point, Roy McIlroy sunk a eagle put on the 16th green. He then looked up at the crowd and booed back at them. Probably not something he is super proud of now, but I can totally understand his frustration. Danny Willett's brother, Pete Willett wrote that the American crowd was "baying mob of imbeciles" and "pudgy basement-dwelling irritants,". And I would have to agree on that.

    After Danny Willett left the main event after a winning round, he retreated to the driving range to get away from the nonsense. Though even as he was not playing the tournament and trying to clear his head, there was a heckler there. Taunting him the entire time....

    This is golf, people. This is one of the most reserved sports out there. Both for the athletes, and the fans. If you can't show maturity on the green, stay away from it. This is the athletes career.

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    Part of me agrees, but the other part is a fan of 90's movies like Tin Cup and Happy Gilmore. One of the more interesting moments of the tournament --