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Chicago Cubs Advance to World Series for First Time Since 1945

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    After a 5-0 win over the Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs have advanced to the MLB World Series! That is one sentence I have never said, nor did I ever think I was going to. This is the first time the team will be going to the WS since 1945. On top of that, they haven't won a WS since 1908. A lot of Cubbies like to say that it is because they are a cursed team, I disagree. I think the reason they haven't advanced in so long, is entirely due to a flawed office system. They cubs have always had a flaw that caused them to not be able to keep up. Though this year was built for success.

    Any other year, against almost any other team in the league, the Cleveland Indians would be a likely pick for the win. But the heavy betters in Vegas are heavily favoring the Cubs as this years victor. I really hope they are right. Although I have never been a Cubs fan, I think it's about time they get a big win. It's been a pretty painful run for that team, and I can't imagine what being a die-hard Cubs fan feels like.

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    Glad to see this too. Though I have to say the Indians are probably the least exciting matchup on paper for the Cubs, to draw in excitement anyways. If the Cubs win, it will be legendary no matter who they play. But if the Indians take it, will most anyone even care? I honestly have never met or talked to an Indian fan.