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With Rondo and Wade, the Bulls can finally be an East contender

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    A real shame that the Derrick Rose experiment in Chicago never really worked out. He was one of my favorite players in the league, for one or two seasons at least. Arguably the funnest guy to watch play point; the most exciting anyways. But a million injuries later, and his lack of confidence after all those injuries lead him and Chicago to part ways. Rose is now a Knick (good luck with that) and the Bulls I think smartly upgraded to Rajon Rondo for their new point man, and Dwyane Wade as the superstar all around threat guy. (for lack of a better way to say that)

    2-0 is a small sample size, but the Bulls lead the league in assists thanks to the way Rondo passes. And they look like a faster, more efficient, smarter team all around. I think this chemistry builds throughout the year, and if shooters emerge and stay hot, I think we are finally seeing a team that could legitimately contend with the Cavs in the East, come playoff time.