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World Series Game 7 - Can The Cub's Finally End the Curse?

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    This is it. The Cubs have fought back from a 3-1 deficit to tie the series and force a game seven in Cleveland. It's been just over thirty years since the last team who was down 3-1 in the World Series ended up winning, but I can't help but believe (or should I say pray) that the Cubbies will be able to do just that tonight.

    Both teams will have dominant starting pitchers on the mound with Kluber getting the nod for Cleveland and Hendricks taking the field for the Cubs. All eyes will be on Kluber to see if he is able to be on top of his game considering this is his third start in the seven game series. This is only Hendricks second start and he has had four full days of rest since his 1-0 loss last Friday.

    Whoever wins tonight will break a decades (or century plus) long streak of failing to win the World Series. My hope of all hopes is that the Cubs will be that team.

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    I really hope the Cubs win this. I lived in Chicago for quite some time. While there, I ran across a ton of Cubs fans who would give anything to see there team win. Though a few years back at that time, they would have been happy for them just to win a few consecutive games. I'm hoping they pull this off.
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    I don't have much skin in the game either way, but it would be fun to watch the Cubs win since they haven't won the World Series for over a century.