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Sounders and Toronto FC Each One Win Away From Their First MLS Cup

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    The Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC are about to duel it out for the MLS Cup and only one of them will walk away with their first ever championship trophy.

    Both teams had less than stellar regular seasons -the Sounders finished fourth in the Western conference while Toronto came in third- but won when it mattered the most in the postseason. And post season wins are the only thing that matters in football.

    I'm not going to lie. This year is tough for me because on one hand I am a die hard Timbers fan and spend every season rooting against the hated Sounders with as much passion as I can muster, but part of me also can't help but want them to win since I am loyal to the Western Conference. On the other hand I don't have anything against Toronto and it would be nice to see a team based outside of the US win the MLS cup for the first time.

    It pains me to say it, but I'm going to be silently rooting for the Sounders this year. My love for the Western Conference outweigh my hatred for the Seattle Sounders.

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    Seattle got lucky a few times in that win. But their defensive play made them deserving. Good thing the penalty kicks were exciting enough, because that game was fairly boring for the entire regulation.