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Montreal Canadiens: Carey Price Pulled After Allowing 4 Goals

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    The Montreal Canadiens goaltender, Carey Price was pulled from play during the San Jose game after allowing 4 goals. First of all, Price is one of the best players in the entire league. In fact, he is already in the early running for league MVP. This one game isn't at all reflecting of what his normal game is like. Price allowed 4 goals in just 18 shots. That's pretty awful, though not unheard of.

    Price's body language was very telling towards the head coach, Michel Therrien when the call was made. His eyes were planted at the coach as he skated towards the bench. Not the most aggressive move he could have made, but he is normally a very calm and collective player. Though he just didn't agree with this decision.

    So here's my issue. There's too many people either blaming Price, or blaming the head coach, Michel Therrien for not pulling him sooner. There doesn't seem to be many people thinking clearly on the subject. This is a team issue. Price's job is to block the shots. Therrien's job is to direct each player, thus creating a winning team. So yes, it's easy to blame one or the other. But honestly, the entire team was off from the very start.

    The Canadiens lost to the Sharks 4-2. It's not the end of the world, guys. Just get it together and get ready for the next one. If history shows anything, it's that Price will be ready. I hope Therrien and the rest of the team will be as well.

    Here's a clip of the stare-down: