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Spiking the ball cost the Cowboys the NFC Championship

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    I can not think of one good reason why Prescott spiked the ball with 40 something seconds to go in the game, when they had one timeout, down by 3 on first down, already in field goal range.. you left Aaron Rodgers with over 30 seconds on the clock in a tied game?? That was a terrible call. And with so many things going on with that game to focus on, I don't think any single play had me more confused and frustrated than that.

    Was it a rookie mistake? Or just conservative play coming back to bite them? Why would you not want to kick that field goal with little to no time left on the clock, guaranteeing OT? It would have not assured them a win of course. Just OT. But still. That play will stick with me for a while, as a fan. Sucked to watch. Great game otherwise though.

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    Never ever ever (did I say ever?) give Aaron Rogers any amount of time to drive down the field. He has shown time and again that he is a magician when it comes to the clock.

    And this is coming from a die hard Bears fan. We, more than any other team, know how awesome of a player he is.