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TCU Baseball vs the rest of the field for 2017

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    The TCU Horned Frogs made it to the final 8 in the 2016 College World Series. They were ranked #1-3 for a majority of 2015. And now they are being consistently ranked as the #1 team in college baseball this year.

    Being that they have never finished higher than 3rd in the CWS, think this will be the year from them to go all the way? I just got into college baseball 2 years ago. And when I was watching the World Series last year, I started off rooting for the Aggies. But they played TCU and damn if the Horned Frogs didn't turn me into a fan of theirs. Now they have become my favorite team.

    With almost all the talent from last year returning for 2017, I think they have an excellent shot. Know of any other team that could displace them?

    Their SBNation Frogs O' War article has me excited for them.