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U.S. Men's Soccer Team will Dominate with Coach Bruce Arena

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    Bruce Arena has replaced Jurgen Klinsmann as the new head coach for the USMNT. Even though the changed technically happened back in November, the real test for the fit begins now for the team. There are a few that think this is a step backwards, but I see it as the one thing they needed to be a dominating force.

    This is actually Arena's return to the team. He did a great job of coaching them from 1998-2006, with more wins than any other coach in history with the U.S men's team. He has also taken the U.S to two world cups, and a quarterfinals appearance trip in 02. Not only that, he has also been to multiple NCAA championships with University of Virginia. He is a tried and true coach.

    I see this being exactly what the team need to get to where they want to be.