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Mexico's National Soccer Must Prove Their Success Isn't a Mirage

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    We've all seen it before. A team that starts the season in a phenomenal way. A team that seems to be able to take down all it's opponents rather easily, and looks great while doing it. Though as the season moves along to more serious opponents/crunch time, they completely fall apart. This can be absolutely crushing for die-hard fans.

    This is what I think is happening with Mexico's Football team. Their numbers under Juan Carlos Osorio have been looking almost too good lately. One thing that has helped the moral of the team greatly, is that they have restored quite a bit of lost faith in their fans since the hexagonal qualifying in Brazil 2014, but still has a good ways to go. They played great matches against both Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobego, though what they produced in those matches will only take them so far against powerhouses like Germany or Chile. And that is right where the fear lies.

    In order to have a chance in the World Cup, they need to transcend from a team that looks the part, to the team that has been tried and true against a heavy challenger. I really do think there is a possibility for them to do that, but I'm just not sure they will be able to stand up to the test.

    Mexico fans want what most fans want, a team that exceeds others expectations at the World Cup.