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NCAA Championship - the refs sucked, but didn't decide the game

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    The refs are getting deservedly trolled online after the National Championship game, for how bad the officiating was. And I can't say I feel sorry for them. Sure their job is tough, but they made several costly mistakes, and that deserves negative feedback. The game was certainly changed because of all the many, many calls and the several no calls were even worse.

    If they had been more consistent, I think it would be less justified. Problem is, they were all over the place. What I don't think happened though is that the refs were one sided in their bad officiating. Lots of people seem to want to act like they were somehow on the side of NC. But Gonzaga got plenty of calls they shouldn't have gotten in their favor. And I think it all washed out fairly cleanly in the end.

    Still, it hurts to watch a full game with bad officiating. So many moments that had the potential to go one direction or another were thwarted by it.

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    You gotta think after every sporting news site out there reported on how bad the refs were that the NCAA is having a serious conversation with the officiating crew for next year. Wouldn't be surprised if they institute new rules during the offseason. Stay tuned..
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    Bad officiating really takes the fun out of any sport. It'll either make you turn off the TV or leave the game. Blah I recall a really awful ref from my little league basketball days. He made so many bad calls, that the fans of the other team began to heckle him. Instead of taking it off the chin and getting himself straight, he began to take it out on the players, which led to him ejecting two players of the opposing team, and then when you thought it couldn't get any worse, the fans got louder and even more irate. It got so bad in fact, he ejected everyone in the stands of the other team. They called a forfeit, needless to say, and we called him an hothead idiot from that day forward. I don't miss those days at all...